Private Health Clinics in Winchester

The Ultimate Guide 

Winchester Independents providing health and wellbeing support 

“Choosing to support an independent business is an act of respect; its acknowledging the tremendous risk and challenges inherent to starting your own thing.” – Matt Kliegman. When it comes to exceptional health and wellbeing support in Winchester, the private clinics do it best. We have worked alongside some wonderful businesses and have come to know the best in the area. We want to share this information with you all and that is why we have put together the Ultimate Guide to private health clinics in Winchester. 

In this guide we will share our reasons for supporting local, independent businesses as well as a detailed list of our favourite well being specialists in the area. These businesses have spent years working hard to get to where they are today and have done countless hours studying in their individual fields to become the best possible healthcare experts. 

private clinics in winchester


Why support local 

With the rise of major corporations, the little guys are getting left behind and this is not for the lack of initiative and innovation but because they are being drowned out by the big fish. From local family owned supermarkets to restaurants, independent pharmacies to private physiotherapists and doctors, local businesses are more likely to utilize other local businesses in order to get the items that they need. Here are our top five reasons to support local:

– By supporting local you are supporting a local family and helping them look after their family.

– Local businesses are more likely to give you a personalised service that will focus on your individual needs. 

– Local businesses support the local economy.  

– Supporting local independent businesses is good for the environment because often they have a smaller carbon footprint and work harder to be sustainable. 

– These businesses offer both their patients and customers tremendous amounts of hands on support 

The Winchester Independents 

As previously stated we will be sharing our favourite independent healthcare providers. Some of these are private clinics in Winchester and others are local physiotherapists, yoga instructors and personal trainers. 

New Energy Fitness 

A friendly and supportive fitness community that works to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. 

New Energy Yoga 

A beautiful yoga studio in the heart of Winchester offering an inspirational and authentic yoga experience. 

The Walcote Practice 

A private GP practice serving the people of Winchester and Hampshire. They combine modern medicine with traditional service, working hard to meet all of your healthcare needs. 

Winchester GP

A professional and private GP practice in Winchester that is dedicated to helping and serving their patients at all times. 

Revolution Physio 

A team of truly wonderful physiotherapists that have a wealth of experience and are dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes for patient’s. 

Stockbridge Osteopathic Practice 

A lively and patient focused practice with a friendly team that is dedicated to working with each other and with your body. 

City Bridge Dental 

City Bridge Dental are your local private dental practice in Winchester, providing an exceptional range of top quality services and pateient care. 


Helping generations of women across Hampshire since 2013, Gynaechoice is the best private gynaecologist clinic in the area. 

Consulting and Training Solutions

Consulting and Training solutions offers both short-term and longer term psychotherapy and counselling to individuals of all ages. 

Simply Skin Clinic 

Committed to providing personalised and safe advice their aesthetics treatments are out of this world. All treatments are clinically proven and delivered by a trained doctor or nurse. 

Eyesite Opticians 

The best in the business! Eyesite opticians are a team of wonderful people that are dedicated to helping people see clearly again. 

private clinics in winchester

If you are looking for private clinics in Winchester then look no further than those stated above. These businesses will put you and your family first, ensuring that all of your healthcare needs are met and that you are provided with the best possible care. Their passion for supporting their local community goes far beyond just providing services and rest assured you can count on them all when looking for the right service for you. 

Don’t forget we at REMEDI HEALTH also provide personalised and patient focused healthcare services. Therefore if you are looking for COVID19 tests, a blood pressure check or any other healthcare test be sure to have a look at our wide range of services and book your appointment today!