Prostate Cancer Screening

Since the 1990s, UK prostate cancer rates have increased by 48% in males and are projected to rise to 60% by 2035. Most people with early prostate cancer don’t have signs or symptoms which means the disease can progress and spread to a stage when curing people is not possible.

At REMEDI HEALTH we now offer genetic Prostate Cancer Screening, offered through specialist and leading oncology laboratory, Oncologica. It is a simple and easy genetic screening test to detect the presence of faulty DNA repair genes. It is used to identify people at high risk of developing aggressive life-threatening prostate cancer. It is done simply by collecting your saliva.


Clinic or post

You can attend our award-winning clinic in Winchester for your consultation and test or we can arrange remotely and post for your convenience.


Trained health professionals

Your appointment will be with a trained health professional to ensure that you have all your questions answered and are fully supported.



We provide a thorough consultation before your test and after your results are available to ensure you are fully informed of your options, and the implications of testing.

Book a Prostate Cancer Screening test

You can choose either an in-clinic or video consultation. The pre-test consultation means that we can discuss the suitability of the test and the implications of a negative or positive result. If you are ready, we will either perform the test at the first consultation (if you’re in the clinic) or we can post your test to you.

Your results will take about 7 days and we will follow up personally with you once they are available.

The total cost of the test is £600.00 including a pre-consultation and follow-up. You will pay £30 for the first consultation, with the balance payable should you proceed with the test.

Prostate Cancer Screening (in clinic)

Prostate Cancer Screening (remote video consultation)


Who is the test for?

This test is used to identify men at high risk of developing aggressive life-threatening prostate cancer.

    • For men aged 40+
    • Your father or brother has had prostate cancer or there is a strong history of cancer in the family
    • You are of African-Caribbean descent

What does the test look for?

Our Genetic Screening test identifies men at high risk of developing prostate cancer, this is identified by detection of fault genes which are known to increase risk. Our test is a simple saliva test that can be carried out by a clinician in our Winchester clinic.

Used to identify men at high risk of developing aggressive, life-threatening prostate cancer and tests for the following genes:

  • PALB2
  • ATM
  • BRCA1 and BRCA2
  • CHEK2
  • NBN

What are the benefits of testing?

Having the gene(s) does not mean you have cancer but that the risk of developing a more aggressive cancer is increased. Detecting the gene(s) early can prevent and reduce the disease severity and extend life. People who are at risk of developing prostate cancer can benefit from increased surveillance and preventative steps to better manage the disease. This can include more regular screening such as with PSA blood tests, scans and lifestyle changes.

We can also offer regular PSA blood tests.

What are the implications for my family?

Discovering you may have the faulty gene means that you are better informed and this can extend to your family. If a pathogenic variant is identified, close relatives (children, siblings, parents) may also want to look at their cancer risk. We will guide you through the choice to have the test, the results and what to do with the information, including how this might impact your family members.

About the laboratory

Our partner laboratory Oncologica provides precision oncology testing to address demand for personalised cancer medicine. This enables cancer patients to be matched to the most appropriate targeted therapies and immunotherapies based on their unique tumour mutation profiles.

Oncologica is one of the first clinically approved laboratories in Europe to harness the power of genomic profiling to deliver personalised cancer medicine. This enables the most comprehensive linkage of specific cancer genetic mutations to the most appropriate targeted therapy.

We are excited to be partnering with them to provide more people access to empowering information about their health.

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