Alcohol Reduction

Whatever your relationship with alcohol, if you are drinking more than you think is healthy, or have been told you should cut back, then we can help.

Maybe you want to do it for yourself, or you are planning on doing it to improve your relationship with a loved one. Perhaps you have some health goals which mean cutting back will help.

Alcohol is an addiction like many others, however, unlike illicit substances, it has become widely accepted in society. It’s part of our social glue and frequently it is more difficult to be a non-drinker. 

For support, you can talk to us in confidence.


Book an Alcohol Reduction Consultation

The first consultation will be for up to 60 minutes to allow us enough time to take a clinical history, explore goals, strategies and what would work best for you.

Choose a date and time from the calendar, enter your details and confirm what your consultation is for.

A payment of £30 secures your appointment, with the balance paid in-clinic.

60 minutes @ £120

Follow-up consultations by arrangement with the REMEDI HEALTH reception team:

30 minutes @ £60
45 minutes @ £90

Medication treatment costs are additional, and will be quoted if required.


Safe, private clinic

Our beautiful award-winning clinic is in the centre of Winchester and we look forward to welcoming you. Keeping you and others safe is our priority and so if you are unwell, please let us know in advance and we will make appropriate arrangements.


Trained clinicians

Your appointment will be in one of our private consultation rooms at our clinic in Winchester. Trained in behavioural change and motivational interviewing techniques, your consultation will be dealt with sensitively and in confidence.


Private pharmacy

We operate within a registered private pharmacy which means that, depending on the outcome of the consultation, we can discuss and provide any required treatments, tests or referrals as appropriate. You can also be assured that we work within a strict governance framework to assure your care.

About this service

Our alcohol reduction service starts with listening. In your first consultation, we work together to understand your relationship with alcohol and come up with strategies to support a reduction in drinking or stopping completely.

Using behavioural change techniques and in some cases of higher dependency, medication, we support you to make the change and be in control of your health.

Can we help you?

Our team are standing by to help you with any questions or queries that you may have. We can advise you on the best test, product or service for your requirements.