Private Prescriptions

As a General Pharmaceutical Council registered pharmacy (No. 9011738), we can dispense private prescriptions from doctors, vets, opticians and dentists.

We stock a large range of medicines that can be purchased with pharmacist support and prescribe a range of prescription-only medicines including those required in an emergency.

Medicines can be collected from our award-winning pharmacy in Winchester, delivered or posted.

A highly qualified pharmacist will always be available to discuss health and medicines issues.



We stock a wide range of medicines and if we don’t have something in stock, can usually obtain same or next day. We can deliver or post your prescription if needed.


Private Prescriptions

Pop in with your prescription or ask your private doctor or consultant to email your private prescription to us – we will arrange the rest



We can also dispense prescriptions issued by your vet, providing a cost effective treatment option for your treasured pet. Other animal products available to buy.

Get in Touch to Find out More

To find out more about our private pharmacy services, and how we can help make your life a little bit easier, get in touch to discuss the best options available for you.


Safe, private clinic

Our beautiful award-winning clinic is in the centre of Winchester and we look forward to welcoming you. Keeping you and others safe is our priority and so if you are unwell, please let us know in advance and we will make appropriate arrangements.


Expert pharmacists

Pharmacists are specialists in medicines and their knowledge will help interpret the results of the test, and provide practical advice on which medicines will work best for you, which will have no effect and which medicines cause side effects.


Private Pharmacy

We operate within a registered private pharmacy which means that, depending on the outcome of the consultation, we can discuss and provide any required treatments, tests or referrals as appropriate. You can also be assured that we work within a strict governance framework.

Private Pharmacy

REMEDI HEALTH is a private pharmacy registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council. As such we will always have a qualified and registered pharmacist available to dispense and discuss your medicines.

We pride ourselves on offering a personal service and will go out of our way to ensure you get the medicines that will make a difference to you.

If a medicine is unavailable because of difficulties with the supply chain we can discuss alternatives with your GP.

Prescriber available.

Standards set by our Regulator

The standards for registered pharmacies set out the requirements for the provision of pharmacy services at or from a registered pharmacy.

The Regulator (GPhC) sets standards for registered pharmacies which are designed to create and maintain the right environment for the safe and effective practice of pharmacy and to improve the quality and safety of services provided to patients and the public.

The standards apply to all pharmacies registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council. Everyone in the pharmacy team should be familiar with these standards and plays a key role in delivering person-centred care.The responsibility for meeting these standards lies with the pharmacy owner.

Can we help you?

Our team are standing by to help you with any questions or queries that you may have. We can advise you on the best test, product or service for your requirements.