Health Consultation

Whether it’s about a common ailment, a need to discuss your prescribed medication, to review your blood test results, or to discuss your risk of developing cancer,  you can talk to us in confidence. 

Knowing that you can easily book a private consultation with a qualified healthcare professional may give you some peace of mind. We will listen to your answers to some questions about your health and discuss what that may mean. If we have any concerns about your health we can discuss any referral that we believe is appropriate for you.


Safe, private clinic

Keeping you and others safe is our priority. Please let us know before you arrive for your appointment if you have any symptoms of COVID-19.


Trained healthcare professionals

Your appointment will be with a trained healthcare professional in one of our private consultation rooms at our clinic in Winchester.


Private Pharmacy

We are also a registered private pharmacy which means that, depending on the outcome of the consultation, we can discuss and provide any required treatments, tests or referrals as appropriate.

Book a Health Consultation appointment

Our clinician spends time listening to how you feel, what symptoms or concerns you have, and works with you to find the most appropriate solution.

Each appointment, whether in the clinic or conducted remotely, is £60.00, excluding any recommended treatments or tests.

Choose whether its better for you to have this in our clinic or remotely, either by phone or video consultation, then select a date and time from the calendar, enter your details and confirm what your consultation is for.


Health Consultation (in clinic)
Health Consultation (online video or telephone)



Common Ailments

Common ailments often either clear up on their own or with simple treatments. However, knowing that you can have a private consultation about your symptoms with a qualified healthcare professional in one of our clinic rooms may give you some peace of mind. We will listen to your answers to some questions about your health and discuss what that may mean and any appropriate treatments. If we have any concerns about your symptoms we can triage you and discuss any referral that we believe is appropriate for your condition.

The sort of conditions we can assess and treat under this service include, but are not restricted to:

  • dry eye, blepharitis or conjunctivitis
  • cold sores, oral thrush and mouth ulcers
  • atopic eczema, dermatitis and mild to moderate psoriasis
  • coughs, colds and headaches
  • hay fever, other allergic reactions and insect bites
  • indigestion, acid reflux, bloating and diarrhoea
  • thrush, cystitis and urinary tract infection
  • joint or muscle pain
  • athlete’s foot, nail infections and verrucas

Medication Review

Understanding what your prescribed medicines are for, how they work and the benefits of taking them correctly is important for your overall health. We can listen to any concerns you may have about your treatment, any side effects you may be experiencing and what is, and is not, safe to take or eat with it.

Test Results Review

If you have asked us to do a blood test for you, we can arrange a consultation either in the clinic or remotely over the phone or an online video consultation to discuss what the results mean for you.

Cancer Risk

Cancer screenings are simple and easy screenings to detect the presence of faulty DNA repair genes. They are used to identify people at high risk of developing aggressive life-threatening cancer.

If you find you have a genetic variant that increases your risk of developing an inherited cancer, this may have an impact on other members of your family. Close relatives (children, siblings, parents) may also want to look at their cancer risk.

We will guide you through the choice to have the test, the results and what to do with the information.

Cancer screenings at REMEDI HEALTH:

  • Hereditary Cancer
    Risk FULL


  • Hereditary Cancer
    Risk – 29 genes


  • Hereditary Cancer
    Risk for ovarian and
    breast cancer

Detecting the gene(s) within your body early can prevent and reduce the disease severity and extend life prospects.

Patients who are at risk of developing cancer can benefit from increased surveillance and preventative steps to better manage the disease. 

priority email Support

Contact an expert

We provide a priority email support service to ensure you get the answers you need when you need them. If you would prefer to talk one of the team during office hours then please phone us on 01962 798580.