COVID-19 antibody testing service

When you are exposed to a virus your body produces antibodies which are present after you have recovered even if you have only had no or mild symptoms. This also happens after a vaccination.

You may be interested in what level of immunity you still have from a vaccination or an actual infection.

We offer two types of tests for booking at the clinic, both provide quantitative results, one in more detail.


Safe, private clinic

Keeping you and others safe is our priority. Please call us to let us know before your appointment if you have any symptoms of COVID-19.


Trained professionals

Your COVID-19 antibody tests are undertaken by a trained and registered health professional. Your test will be explained to you and your results interpreted for you on receipt.


Quality tests

The tests require a blood sample taken by phlebotomy. We send the resultant blood sample to our laboratory and normally get the results back the next day.

Book a COVID-19 antibody test online

Booking a COVID-19 antibody test with REMEDI HEALTH is simple. Just pick a date and a time before 12 noon that suits you (our courier collects all test samples at 12noon). The blood sampling process should take no more than 15 minutes.

  • Our IgG antibody test (relevant for travel to China) tells you the overall level of IgG antibodies you have in your blood. This test is £90.00.
  • Our Antibody Immunity test tells you whether you have natural antibodies because you have had an infection and / or whether you have vaccine antibodies.  This allows you to make intelligent choices based on a true picture of your immunity profile, duration of protection and thus vulnerability to COVID-19 infection. This test costs £125.00.

Our clinic has rigorous infection control measures in place to protect both you and our staff.

Please note that until proven, the presence of COVID-19 antibodies does not mean that you have immunity against further infection of the virus. The test limitations will be explained at your appointment or you can contact us beforehand.


Book an Antibody Immunity Test
Book an IgG Antibody Test

COVID-19 antibody testing: how it works

When you are infected with a virus, your body develops antibodies as a defence mechanism. These antibodies are unique for each virus so tests can be developed which are specific to a particular virus.

Your body develops three different types of antibodies:

  • IgM is the first responding antibody raised early in the infection.  
  • IgG is the long-lasting antibody, persisting in the blood for possibly six months.
  • IgA is the antibody released on surfaces of the nose and lungs as a first line of defence.

Our Antibody Immunity test has the following sensitivity and specificity:

  • Sensitivity – how sensitive the test is to COVID-19 antibodies in the blood = 96%
  • Specificity – how specific the antibodies are the COVID-19 = 95%

The COVID-19 antibody test does not detect active COVID-19 infections. An active infection is tested using a PCR viral test and is the one that some countries require for travel. 

We ask patients not to attend our clinic until at least 21 days after any symptoms have ceased. This is to allow antibodies to build up in your blood so we can give you the most reliable test result and to ensure you are not at risk of passing the virus on.

There is currently no evidence that the presence of COVID-19 antibodies confers you increased resistance from catching the virus again or from passing it on to others. 

Please continue to follow Government guidelines on social distancing, hand-washing and hygiene, and remain vigilant. We recommend that when social distancing of 2 metres cannot be maintained that you also wear a face-covering.

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