Menopause Service in Winchester

REMEDI HEALTH offer an accessible, private and confidential consultation service for clients looking for support with perimenopause and the menopause.

Menopause symptoms are the result or hormone deficiency and with the right support replacement therapy can make a huge difference. We take a person-centred approach to our consultations, and put you back in control of your body.

We also offer a testosterone fast-start service for those aleady on HRT, who want to further support their hormone health.

As a private pharmacy we always make sure we have HRT available and work hard to secure supplies at this difficult time.

Book a consultation with our specialist pharmacist at the clinic to see how we can help you. One hour to talk to someone who really understands and will tailor the approach to you. We also provide video consultations if not local to Winchester.

Follow-up appointments can be booked by phone or when in the clinic, and last half an hour.


Safe, private clinic

Keeping you and others safe is our priority. Please let us know before or when you arrive for your appointment if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. We take a risk-based approach to infection control and if their are lots of bugs around may ask you to wear a mask. If you want us to wear a mask even when infection rate is low, please ask.


Trained clinicians

Your consultation is undertaken by an experienced and specialist pharmacist who is able to prescribe treatment. We may need to undertake some blood tests to establish a range of hormone and other markers of your health. Your tests will be explained to you and your results interpreted and discussed.


Your health

Hormones are important because they helps to protect a number of different parts of the body, including heart and blood vessels, bones, brain, skin and vagina, so they can all be affected by low levels. We can prescribe oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone where required and indicated for replacement.

Your consultation

Book a Menopause Consultation in Winchester

Your private consultation is undertaken by a trained and experienced healthcare professional who specialises in the menopause. Your first one-hour appointment will cover your current physical, emotional and mental health status supported by a menopause symptom questionnaire.

This consultation can take place in the clinic (we love a face-to-face) but also for your convenience we can use video consultation too. If you require a remote consultation, please book below but send us a message to advise us you want to use video.

The fee for this first consultation is £175.00 payable on booking your appointment. Follow-up appointments are £100, lasting 30 minutes.

We also offer a testosterone fast-start service which is available for individuals already on HRT. Please call the clinic to enquire or book a 30 minute consultation below. The fee for the consultation is £100 including issuing a prescription. A baseline blood test is required before starting treatment, which we can do for you at the same time, with a follow-up at 3 months. The blood test required for testosterone prescribing is £118.00, repeated at 3 months and then annually. Special package price for consultation, bloods at baseline plus first 3 months of testosterone treatment is £295.00.

We may also suggest blood tests to establish a range of hormone and other markers of your health. The need for any tests will be explained and agreed with you with your results interpreted and discussed in full during a follow-up consultation. These can be done in the clinic at your appointment by our trained clinician.

Our specialist menopause practitioners are Sally Arnson and Deborah Evans.

Please select a date and time from the calendar for the consultation and enter your details as required.

Any agreed blood tests, prescriptions and follow-up appointments are in addition.


Initial Menopause Consultation

Testosterone Fast-start Initial Consultation

 What is Menopause?

Menopause is a stage in life when the ovaries stop making eggs and start producing less of the hormone oestrogen. The average age of the menopause in the UK is 51, but this can be earlier or later for some. The menopause usually happens gradually – the time leading up to it is called perimenopause, when periods might become more irregular, and sometimes heavier. This often starts at around 45.

What are symptoms of Menopause?

Symptoms of menopause can be debilitating and can include hot flushes, tiredness, palpitations, muscle pain, fatigue, poor concentration, low mood, anxiety, vaginal dryness and sometimes urinary incontinence. These symptoms can vary a lot between individuals and may come and go. The symptoms can last for anything from a few months to more than 10 years and there is no way of predicting how long they will last nor what the impact will be. However, with the right support, the symptoms and their impact can be lessened, making a real difference to how we live our lives.

What does our service include?

Ahead of your first appointment we will ask you to complete a questionnaire to better understand how you are and your current health status. During the consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss what this means for you and agree next steps which may include some blood tests.

You will agree a plan with our specialist pharmacist and she will potentially prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT) which we can usually dispense for you straight away. If we need to see the results of your bloods before prescribing, then this will be completed the following day.

Why and how is my blood analysed?

Blood tests are not required for prescribing HRT for  over 45’s however there may be a reason to undertake blood testing if indicated.  Any blood samples will be taken by our trained clinicians and sent to our laboratory for analysis.


What is Testosterone fast start?

National menopause guidance (NICE) states that testosterone can be prescribed to women with lowered sex drive despite taking HRT.

What causes sexuality and desire, or lack of it, is complicated and can change during one’s life. Sexual identity, desire, arousal, orgasm, emotional satisfaction and intention are all involved.

Testosterone can help but there may be other factors at play, and so we listen and involve you in decision-making about treatment. 

In our clinical practice, we also notice that many women notice that adding testosterone improves other symptoms such as brain fog, concentration, sense of calm, anxiety and poor sleep. Although it should be noted that the evidence is still lacking around additional benefits.

Our Testosterone service is a half-hour, lower cost appointment with a clinician to discuss your suitability for testosterone and the likely benefits of adding testosterone to your HRT regime. You must be on HRT  before starting testosterone, as it won’t work unless you have adequate oestrogen. We will check in your appointment that symptoms likely to be due to oestrogen deficiency are addressed.

We recommend that your second appointment is around 3 months after your first appointment, and then you will then be reviewed annually. The cost of the prescription is in addition, which can then be delivered to your home.

Blood tests are are required at starting treatment and at 2-3 months, and annually to check that you are being treated in the normal female range. We can do your blood test in the same appointment as your consultation.

Prescription HRT Treatments Price List

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We provide a priority email support service to ensure you get the answers you need when you need them. If you would prefer to talk one of the team during office hours then please phone us on 01962 798580.