Travel Health Service in Winchester

REMEDI HEALTH offers a complete travel health service including travel vaccinations, antimalarials and other treatments including medicines for altitude sickness, traveller’s diarrhoea and jet-lag.

We also keep a range of products to keep you healthy on your travels.

As a designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre, we prioritise
your well-being.

Book a travel health consultation with one of our clinicians in our clinic to understand what you need for your planned trip. We will put together a plan to ensure your safety on holiday.


Safe, private clinic

Our award-winning clinic is in the centre of Winchester and we look forward to welcoming you. Keeping you and others safe is our priority.


Trained clinicians

Your consultation and any travel medicines and vaccinations is provided by an experienced pharmacist who will take time to ensure your vaccines are safe and appropriate.


Travel health

Keeping healthy when travelling goes beyond having the right vaccines before your trip. It’s about keeping healthy when on your travels and may involve antimalarials or other acute treatments should you become unwell.

Your travel needs

Book a Travel Health Consultation in Winchester

Keeping healthy when travelling goes beyond having the recommended vaccines before your trip. It’s about your broader health needs and may involve antimalarials and other acute treatments should you become unwell.

The travel consultation fee is £30.00 per person. This includes a fifteen minute 1:1 consultation in our clinic to understand what you need to stay healthy when travelling to your chosen destination(s). We also look at what vaccines you have already had so that we don’t duplicate where you are already protected. Any vaccines and treatment we identify will be discussed with you alongside a quotation for the vaccine(s) fee. This consultation is an essential part of the vaccine and travel health process as it ensures that we can prescribe safely for you and administer the right vaccines at the right time for optimum protection.

Please select a date and time from the calendar for the consultation and enter your details as required. If you want to combine a consultation with vaccine administration, please call us to discuss.



What does our service cover?

During your initial consultation we will review your travel plans (where and when), your vaccine history and the recommended health protection requirements. We will also let you know whether you need more than one vaccine to complete a course and when these should be.

What vaccines and treatments are available?

Within our comprehensive service we can provide the following vaccines and treatments to meet the needs identified during your consultation (price per vaccine):


  • Cholera (£50.00)
  • Hepatitis A (£55.00)
  • Hepatitis B (£42.50)
  • Hepatitis A and B combined (£60.00)
  • Heptatitis A and Typhoid (£60.00)
  • Japanese encephalitis (£90.00)
  • Meningitis ACWY (£60.00)
  • Rabies (£69.50)
  • Tetanus, Diptheria and Polio (£37.50)
  • Tick-borne encephalitis (£60.00)
  • Typhoid (£45.00)
  • Yellow Fever (£70.00)

There is a clinical review and vaccine adminstration fee of £30 which is applied to every appointment where vaccines are given. If two or more vaccines are administered then the fee is only £30 per appointment per person.

Please note that some vaccinations require more than a single dose and you will be advised of this during your consultation.

Other treatments:

  • Altitude sickness
  • Antimalarials
  • Contraception options including emergency hormonal contraception (morning after pill)
  • Insect repellants and nets
  • Jet lag
  • Period delay
  • Traveller’s diarrhoea
  • Travel sickness
  • Yellow Fever duplicate certificates

Where can I find out more information?


We also provide a range of other vaccines to protect you and your family (price per vaccine):


  • Varicella Zoster (Chickenpox) (£60.00)
  • HPV (£135.00)
  • Influenza (£25.00)*
  • MMR (£40.00)
  • Pneumococcal (£50.00)
  • Shingles (£130.00)

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements or book a general health consultation (also £30), indicating you require one of the above vaccines. Some of the above require more than one vaccine to complete the course e.g. Varicella Zoster (Chickenpox) and HPV.

* No administration fee for flu


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We provide a priority email support service to ensure you get the answers you need when you need them. If you would prefer to talk one of the team during office hours then please phone us on 01962 798580.